From lighting systems in residential properties and businesses to street lights and intercom systems, electricians are a highly necessary trade professional in the construction industry. If you are considering taking your career path to an entirely different level, becoming a certified electrician may be all that it takes. This is one certification that is always in high demand where careers are concerned and you are bound to see many new doors opened upon completion of an electrician certification training program. Here are a few interesting career choices you could have as a certified electrician. 

Find a career in television or movie production. 

As a certified electrician, you may be surprised to learn that your expertise is highly prized in the television and film industry. Electricians are often necessary to help create lighting structures for stages and movie settings before filming takes place. Furthermore, it is often a necessity to have an electrician on-site during filming where there are a lot of special effects taking place that require electricity. For example, if a film crew is in the process of shooting a scene that requires sparks of electricity or simulated lightning, an electrician will be on site to help make things happen. 

Get a job with a home or business security company. 

Home and business security systems cannot adequately function without electricity. In fact, many of the components of the most basic and complex systems alike are electrified components. Companies that provide home security systems and complicated business security systems must have people that have adequate knowledge of things like running wiring and safely tapping into a power supply. Therefore, as a certified electrician, you will have the skill and know-how necessary to obtain a ob in the security system industry.

Enjoy seaside worksites as a certified electrician in the shipbuilding industry. 

Cruise ships and luxury liners are constantly under construction to cater to the ever-growing industry of cruise lines for vacationers. If you enjoy the idea of heading off to work right on the shoreline everyday, you should know that certified electricians are always in high demand in the shipbuilding industry. Electricians spend a lot of time routing wiring to generators, implementing lighting on various floors and rooms, and even ensuring electrical components in the ship's engine room are up to code and safe. 

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